Can a migraine raise blood pressure

When patients who suffer from hypertension are not able to lower their blood pressure to a healthy level, actually proposed that maybe hypertension even migraine against headache! Raise’s a good idea whenever you purchase an over, pressure it stands to reason that chronic headache sufferers might experience higher overall blood pressure. When intracranial hypertension headaches… Read More »

What is heart variability

The wavelet entropy measures are calculated using a three-step procedure defined in the literature. However, an LF component can be detected in HRV and arterial pressure variabilities of some tetraplegic patients. This tool does not provide medical advice. Upon closer inspection, it would be shown that the interval between beats is not a consistent interval.… Read More »

What are non hdl cholesterol

We shouldn’t confuse our core physicians who don’t think about lipids all the time. Is it partly a branding issue? What Is Non-HDL Cholesterol and Why Is It Important? This is because although non-HDL and LDL generally closely track each other, the divergence is found much more in rapidly growing patient populations like people with… Read More »

Co-parent adoption: A critical protection for LGBTQ+ families

Every child deserves to be part of a loving family, and establishing a secure legal relationship known as parentage between parents and their children is critical to the well-being of all families. This provides stability and security for children and allows parents to care for their children, including making important medical decisions. For LGBTQ+ families,… Read More »