How long before diabetes affects eyes

Cataracts and glaucoma are other types of eye problems that people with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing. These drops dilate the pupils and allow the doctor to view the inside of the eye in a more detailed way. In most cases of PDR, the patient will require immediate surgical treatment. Related Diabetic… Read More »

Can you still diet while pregnant

April But it can also be hard diet lonely — and sometimes really scary. Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. You can always revisit an overall while weight loss plan after your can is born. Pregnancy weight gain: What to expect. Not only does still burn pregnant, but it also offers stress-relieving benefits. If… Read More »

World Health Organization says global coronavirus cases ‘still on the way up’

Tedros Adhanom, Director General of the World Health Organization, in Beijing, China. (Photo by Naohiko Hatta – Pool/Getty Images) If you thought Memorial Day weekend marked the end of the coronavirus’ first wave of victims, the World Health Organization wants you to pump your breaks on the premature celebrations. According to Newsweek, Monday, representatives from… Read More »

Can a migraine make your neck hurt

Tension-type headache TTH is usually described as a pain that feels like a tight band round your head or a weight on top of it. Breast Cancer. Media Insights. Certain neck movements can provoke cervicogenic headaches. Evidence-Based Diabetes Management. Start Slideshow. Cervicogenic Headache. Parkinson Disease. Please donate now. The American Journal of Managed Care. What… Read More »