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Blue Light Glasses – Helpful or Just Hype?

American Academy of Ophthalmology. Maureen Beddis, vice president, marketing and communications, Vision Council. Greg Rogers, senior optician, Eyeworks, Decatur, GA. USA Today: “Do blue light glasses actually work? Everything you need to know before you buy a pair story on blue light glasses.” StudyFinds: “Average Office Worker Spends About 1,700 Hours A Year In Front… Read More »

Gym-addict tee-total teacher, 33, dies just 20 days after shock leukaemia diagnosis

Gym-addict tee-total teacher, 33, who shunned alcohol, cigarettes and unhealthy food in hope of ‘living as long as possible’ dies just 20 days after finding out he had leukaemia Abi Meads, 27, claims her husband Matt Meads avoided drinking and smoking  Mr Meads dismissed his stomach pains, night sweats and fatigue for weeks The couple… Read More »

A Drug Was Made For Just One Child, Raising Hopes About Future Of Tailored Medicine – WBUR

Julia Vitarello remembers the moment she realized that her daughter, Mila, was getting a drug designed specifically for her, one that might save her life. “Dr. Yu brought me down the hallway and opened a refrigerator and said, ‘Look.’ He pulled a tiny little glass bottle out, and it said, ‘milasen,’ ” Vitarello says. “I… Read More »