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Trump’s team delivers a big win for patients by making health costs clearer

When it comes to improving the nation’s healthcare system, the Trump administration continues to do administratively some of the good things it hasn’t been able to do legislatively. On Friday, it took two major steps toward transparency in pricing and options. Patients will now better understand what their choices and costs will be. The president… Read More »

How hackers increasingly can target the data of homebound patients

With the rising number of homebound healthcare patients using technology to communicate with caregivers, family and others, comes new data threats from hackers targeting patient data. In a new blog post, I’ve assessed the data security threat of hackers obtaining sensitive data through popular home smart assistant technologies such as Alexa and Google Home, from… Read More »

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: We’ll all be classed as autistic if over-diagnosing patients doesn’t stop 

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: We’ll all be classed as autistic if the epidemic of over-diagnosing patients doesn’t stop By Dr Max Pemberton For The Daily Mail Published: 01:26 BST, 7 September 2019 | Updated: 01:26 BST, 7 September 2019 Over the past three years I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in some referrals to my… Read More »