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How rare is hemiplegic migraine

Because of the severity of some people’s symptoms, and the frequency of migraines will increase over time. Is less prevalent, subunit in a family with progressive cerebellar ataxia and hemiplegic migraine”. Signs of a hemiplegic migraine attack are similar to what would be presented in a stroke hemiplegic typically includes sudden severe headache on one… Read More »

Value-based care payments increasing but risk still rare

Dive Brief: More than half of all commercial plan payments to hospitals in 2017 were earmarked toward some form of value-oriented care or alternative payments intended to reduce waste, according to the latest scorecard from Catalyst for Payment Reform (CPR) — up from just 10.2% in 2012. However, a large chunk of the value-oriented payment (90%) was… Read More »

At rare trial of alleged vaccine side effects, parents say H1N1 flu shot killed 5-year-old daughter

By most accounts, Amina Abudu was a happy, healthy little girl in 2009, when health authorities declared that a pandemic flu virus was sweeping the world. A vaccine was rushed to market, and the five year old was among millions of Canadians to get the flu shot, amid widespread fears about the new pathogen. Five… Read More »