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Tiwi Island kidney patient to return home

Like all Tiwi Islanders Anne-Marie Puruntatameri feels a deep connection to country and to her family. However the 67-year-old grandmother has been forced to live across the Timor Sea in Darwin for more than four years to access life-saving dialysis treatment because of her kidney disease. That has kept Mrs Puruntatameri separated from her husband… Read More »

Human heart cells are altered by spaceflight, but return to (mostly) normal on Earth

Heart muscle cells derived from stem cells show remarkable adaptability to their environment during and after spaceflight, according to a study publishing November 7 in the journal Stem Cell Reports. The researchers examined cell-level cardiac function and gene expression in human heart cells cultured aboard the International Space Station for 5.5 weeks. Exposure to microgravity… Read More »