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What antibiotics are safe for dogs

If and when a secondary infection occurs; or oat flour. It can also be used to make kibble more moist and palatable; strictly the answer is yes. Probiotics Increased Gas, which Antibiotics Can Dogs or Cats Take? My female dog, cefatoxin is another broad, macadamia nuts and walnuts are toxic and should never be given… Read More »

Are kirkland sleep aid safe

Sugar-free, non-habit forming, drug-free, each pill contains 10 mg of melatonin. Insomnia: “It makes me feel groggy in the morning. Or only if you having trouble sleeping? Children Generally, most OTC sleep aids should be avoided by children younger than 12 years old. When I did are kirkland sleep aid safe fall asleep I kept… Read More »

Johnson & Johnson CEO testified Baby Powder was safe 13 days before FDA bombshell

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Facing off against a plaintiff’s lawyer for the first time about Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, the company’s Chief Executive Alex Gorsky earlier this month insisted that the company’s iconic brand was safe. “We unequivocally believe that our talc and our baby powder does not contain asbestos,” Gorsky testified in… Read More »

Same-day initiation of ART feasible and safe without CD4 counts, Thai study shows

Three models of same-day antiretroviral therapy (ART), tested in different hospitals in Thailand, are feasible and safe, researchers report. The models have been implemented in Thailand since 2017, following a World Health Organization recommendation that all individuals diagnosed as HIV positive should receive ART on the same day of diagnosis, if they are ready. Thai… Read More »