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Vitamin D warning: The signs in your stools you’ve had too much ‘sunshine vitamin’

Vitamin D is a nutrient the body creates from direct sunlight on the skin when outdoors. Although most people should be able to get all the vitamin D they need form about late March/early April to the end of September, between October and early March, people don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight. A vitamin… Read More »

Vitamin D Deficiency Is More Prevalent In Obese Children

Previous research has found higher rates of vitamin D deficiency in obese communities and lower vitamin D levels have been associated with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The mechanisms by which obesity and its co morbidities are associated with vitamin D deficiency are unknown. This research looked at associations between dietary habits and vitamin… Read More »

Get Your Vitamin K

  Vitamin K plays an important role in your body especially for bone health and blood coagulation. There are two main types of the vitamin.   Vitamin K1 is involved with blood clotting. It is abundant in many plant foods especially leafy greens as well as broccoli, Brussel sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables.   Vitamin… Read More »