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Travel Tip Of The Week: 5 Ways in Which You Can be A Responsible Traveller

Travelling (Photo Credits: Pixabay) The travel industry has been witnessing a big boost across countries in the recent past. From travelling solo to holidaying with your gang, travel has emerged as one of the most loved activities of people around the world. And over the years, ardent travellers have arisen who have solely dedicated themselves… Read More »

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men: Types & More

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Definition When we talk about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in men, we’re talking about testosterone. A small amount of testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands, but for men the majority of testosterone is produced in the testicles. Testosterone has both physical and psychological benefits.1 Physically, the hormone has several functions for… Read More »

The real reason why the Chinese Terracotta Army weapons are so well-preserved

For decades, scientists have been perplexed by the marvelous preservation of bronze weapons associated with China’s famed Terracotta Warriors, retaining shiny, almost pristine surfaces and sharp blades after being buried for more than two millennia. Research by an international team of scientists published on Thursday may solve the mystery while putting to rest an intriguing… Read More »

Constantly Tired? Here’s What You Can Expect From A ‘Sleep Vacation’

Because of course, in 2019, sleep vacations are 100% a thing. If you’re keen to pretty much make a holiday out of your pre-bedtime routine (sounds like heaven, we’re sure you’ll agree) and catch up on some much-needed rest, relaxation and wellness downtime—you should consider one of these international getaways. The why As if you… Read More »