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Beneficiaries’ lack of Medicare knowledge could lead to dissatisfaction in plans

More than two-thirds of Medicare beneficiaries find their insurance confusing and difficult to understand, according to a recent survey by, which also revealed that many don’t grasp basic insurance terminology. The study sample included 1,000 respondents enrolled in Medicare and took place over August 17 to 19. Participants were quizzed about topics ranging from… Read More »

“A Steep Curve”: How IT Security Leaders Are Managing New Challenges

Christopher Frenz, AVP of Information Security, Interfaith Medical Center During the past few months, much has been said about the significant effort required to implement and support virtual care and remote work. But for IT security leaders, that big lift comes with a big risk. As clinical and non-clinical functions are increasingly performed outside of… Read More »

How Swimming Can Be a Fantastic Fat Burner

— An hour in the pool doesn’t sound like strenuous physical activity, but you could burn a lot of fat through swimming if done right. This obviously isn’t going to be the case if you’re in the swimming pool for an hour playing Marco Polo. We’re talking about actually getting in a workout during that… Read More »