Cooking Oil Injected into Woman’s Butt Who Is Now Fighting for Life After Bum Lift Goes Horribly Wrong!

By | March 4, 2020
Cooking Oil Injected into Woman's Butt Who Is Now Fighting for Life After Bum Lift Goes Horribly Wrong!

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Butt surgery goes horribly wrong after a woman gets cooking oil injected into her butt and is now fighting for life. Cases of bum lift surgery taking a steep turn to cost somebody their life isn’t very uncommon, however, a large number of people still opt for such unregulated, unlicensed procedures. This 52-year-old woman, also known as Aleida Garcia Ortez wanted to get a butt lift surgery done. However, she is now on the verge of death as she gets cooking oil injected into her buttocks. This ‘botched’ bum lift operation done at home went devastatingly wrong as she had to be rushed to the hospital immediately. Local media reports claim that she had gotten a butt-lift surgery done at her home along with liposuction, in the municipality of Fusagauga, Cundinamarca, in central Colombia.  Billionaire Dies After Penis Enlargement Surgery; Diamond Trader Reportedly had ‘Napoleon Complex’. 

Aleida reportedly paid $ 4 million Colombian pesos (Approx Rs 85,000) for the procedure, according to Mirror UK and had to be rushed to the Hospital, San Rafael. After examinations, doctors found that she was suffering from a major infection caused by cooking oil injected into her butt. The symptoms began to show within 72 hours after the operation.  Fabian Diaz, the woman’s son, said to the local media: “Three days after the buttock surgery her body reacted strangely. Her bum cheeks became very red, she had bruises everywhere and her skin was very shiny.”

Reports have it that the woman who performed the surgery is missing. There was no background check done, because nobody know what exactly her medical qualifications were that she carried out such the complex surgery. The family has filed a criminal complaint.

Just recently, a frightening breast implant botch-up case had come up. A 27-year-old woman’s implants fell off her breasts after the mother-of-two underwent a breast enhancement surgery in Turkey and was suffering from discomfort and pain after that. However, the clinic brushed it off a “normal” symptom of recovery, initially.  But soon the implant began to pop out of the breasts.

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