Forget Prevagen

By | September 24, 2019

You can hardly watch TV without seeing a commercial for Prevagen a memory supplement made from jelly fish. According to the manufacturer Prevagen has been “clinically proven” to improve memory.


This claim has been contested by the Federal Trade Commission for being false and unsubstantiated. In spite of this the advertising continues.


What is the issue? There are many problems with Prevagen. The most important is that the research cited by the company that supposedly proves the value of the product in slowing memory loss was not free of bias. In fact the research was done by employees of the company, and the results were published in an obscure medical journal. 


There are other problems with this unproven memory supplement, but the bottom line is that there is no proof that this product is unproven. What it does for certain is make money for the company.


 Just think about this. Have you ever met a jellyfish that had a good memory?



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