How to Give Yourself a Breast Massage? From Alleviating Stress to Relieving Sore Muscles, Here’s How this Self-Care Practice Will Benefit Your Health!

By | July 9, 2020

When you massage your breasts, you probably only think of intimacy and breast cancer self-exams. But massaging your breasts is an excellent form of self-care and can have some significant benefits. Yes, apart from your pedicure and manicure, this can be a great self-care practice. Just think of all the great feeling that you get with a full-body massage. And while you can get a professional breast massage, here’s how to give yourself one on your own. 

They Improve Blood Circulation

A breast massage can improve circulation. And in case you have blockages in your lymph drainage (thanks to bras and lack of exercise), breast massages might help to clear up blockages and eliminate toxins more effectively.

They Alleviate Stress

The feel-good hormone oxytocin is triggered during breast massages, to boost your mood and alleviate stress. It has the same stress-reducing benefits as that of a hug. Erotic Body Massages: From a HOT Boob Massage to Anus Rub, Ways to Fondle Erogenous Zones for an Intense Orgasm.

They Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Massaging your breasts with almond oil can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. While more studies need to be conducted on this, a few have devised the positive effects of breast massage on stretch marks. From Fire Facial to Snake Massage, These Are the Most Bizarre and Crazy Spa Treatments for Men.

They Relieve Sore Muscles

Your breast can feel sore after strenuous exercise. The pecs muscles in the breasts can get tight with daily stress, poor posture or tightened muscles. A breast massage can help relieve the excess strain and tightness in your breast muscles. Perineum Orgasm: How To Turn a Man On By Massaging This Unexplored Erogenous Zone.

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How to Perform a Breast Massage?

  1. Take some arm almond oil in your hand and apply gentle pressure in a circular motion. Start with massaging close to the nipple and move toward the outside of the breast. Repeat this action to cover the entire breast.
  2. Now get your fingers under the armpit and gently push the breast toward the other side of your body.
  3. Place your fingers neat the armpit and lightly drag the skin toward the centre of your body, using a circular motion. Repeat this motion while moving from the collarbone to the shoulder and to the neck.
  4. Finish off with a light stroking.

If you notice any pain during the massage, it’s always best to consult with your doctor. However, we can bet that the entire experience is going to be relaxing and pleasant.

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