Love Partying? UK Company Will Pay You 16 Lakh to Travel Around The World And Attend Bachelorette Parties

By | January 21, 2020
Love Partying? UK Company Will Pay You 16 Lakh to Travel Around The World And Attend Bachelorette Parties

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Do you love partying, especially the bachelorette stuff? Then there’s a perfect job opportunity for you, which will not only pay you to party but also travel around the world. A UK based company bachelorette party organiser called GoHen is looking for “Professional Hen Party Testers”. The idea is you will get to travel around the world, attend their bachelorette parties and see if they are up to the high standards. So now they are looking for a professional partygoer and try the party scene. The applications are open till the end of February so you might want to apply quick.

GoHen is a party organiser and boasts of arranging over half a million pre-wedding parties so far. They are looking for a tester of spas, clubs, hotels and such crazy adventures. The job description page states the person should have an aptitude for adventure, a fearless attitude, a proclivity for partying, plus event/group planning experience. And the roles include testing hen activities, UK and international travel, vlogging experiences, managing hen party enquiries, helping around event and group management. For all of this, it is not necessary for a person to have a graduation degree. It is £17,000 per year for a salary which is around Rs 16 lakhs! Love Attending Festivals and Parties? This Millionaire is Offering Rs 4 Lakh to Help Him Party at Biggest Fests Across Europe.

As per the GoHen’s Director of Operations, Steve Roddy, “We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best bridal send-offs in the industry. So, to make sure we meet our high standards, we need an experienced partygoer to head to our destinations and test the latest hen party activities and try out the local party scene so we can keep ahead of the curve.” The lucky applicants will have to travel to European destinations including Spain and Prague. The website has given a form where a person has to send in applications and mention why they deserve to get the position. All the travel expenses for flights and hotels.

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