Egg drop soup clear liquid diet

Erop diet was 5 shakes a day. Egg disappointed that has not been firmed up clear I still have 2 weeks til pre-op diet. SF popsicles, SF italian ice, decaf tea or coffee, liquid. Egg drop Soup was definitely ok along with steak, soup. Re: egg drop soup I ate egg drop soup all the… Read More »

Mitigating psychiatric disorder relapse in pregnancy during pandemic

Dr. Lee S. Cohen, Director of the Ammon-Pinizzotto Center for Women’s Mental Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, recently shared his insights on mitigating psychiatric relapse during pregnancy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with Ob.Gyn News on August 28th, 2020 In a previous column, I addressed some of the issues that quickly arose in the context of the… Read More »

Micronutrient consumption for the paleo diet

But Paleo only appears restrictive in the context of a warped food system that floods our diet with toxins because it privileges industrial profits over human health. The absence of toxins is a prerequisite for health, but the normal functions of the human body also require the presence of nutrients. Paleo, in other words, can… Read More »