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Covid vaccine side effects: The two rare side effects you need to know about

Common side effects, such as a fever, or chills, show that the vaccine has been effective in stimulating an adaptive immune response. Most people experience soreness and redness around the site of injection. There are two rare side effects from the Covid vaccine being reported. Why lymph nodes become swollen after vaccination The immune system… Read More »

Don’t forget about influenza and the lessons learned from COVID [PODCAST]

The Podcast by KevinMD | Podcast | April 22, 2021 “When the public was made aware of the risk of transmitting the virus and the far-reaching measures of social distancing, closing schools, and lock-down, most Americans willingly complied. After all, they became aware, for the first time, of the risk of aerosolized viral particles present… Read More »

All About PSA: Everything You Need to Know

First of all, what is PSA? PSA is a term that stands for prostate-specific antigen. PSAs are proteins that are created in the prostate tissue and are enzymes that free the sperm from the semen after ejaculation. These PSAs can be used to screen for prostate cancer. The History of PSAs The FDA approved PSA… Read More »

Dionne Warwick talks to Jalen Rose about partying at home, joining Twitter

We’ve all been told about the legendary parties thrown by Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion and late Lakers owner Jerry Buss at Pickfair during the team’s Showtime era. But I am most interested in soirees thrown by my next guest on “Renaissance Man.” I asked iconic singer Dionne Warwick about her favorite places to… Read More »