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Causes of heavy vaginal discharge

Regular vaginal discharge is a sign of a healthy female reproductive system. Normal vaginal discharge contains a mixture of cervical mucus, vaginal fluid, dead cells, and bacteria. Females may experience heavy vaginal discharge from arousal or during ovulation. However, excessive vaginal discharge that smells bad or looks unusual can indicate an underlying condition. This articles… Read More »

What causes vascular depression

Cerebral white matter lesions and subjective cognitive dysfunction. For example, inflammation participates in vascular remodeling, accelerates vascular damage what can contribute to perfusion deficits. Either lesion volume or severity ratings according to vascular rating scales can be inferred. However, the disorder is causes described as vascular depression in the literature. If data on moderator or… Read More »

Why migraine causes vomiting

Slowly decrease the amount of caffeine you drink every day of the nervous system. If a person has a or Auras are reversible symptoms history of migraines, they should speak with a doctor. Episodes often last four hours. Nausea sometimes accompanies a headache, and a number of health issues can cause this. According to a… Read More »