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Massive changes to combat mutant strain

Australia will mandate the pre-flight testing of international travellers and flight crew, require masks on all domestic and international flights, but leave the borders open, as part of the fights against a new mutant strain of COVID-19. News.com.au has confirmed that the National Cabinet has mandated tough new measures amid fears the highly infectious new… Read More »

How to combat the flu

Are you looking for ways to avoid being struck down by the flu? Incredibly, the flu pandemic of — killed more people than the First World War. And today, between 9. Flu is responsible for around ,—, hospitalizations and 12,—56, deaths annually. It is a highly contagious respiratory illness that is caused by influenza types… Read More »

Depression and how to combat it

Writing down thoughts, feelings, and problems can allow combat to identify patterns, triggers, and warning signs relating to their cimbat. He actually smiled. Join depression mailing list for more articles written by health and Get Tips to Your Inbox. Counter the gloom with an immediate dose of positivity! Keeping a journal can serve two purposes.… Read More »

Mourners banned from hugging at funerals in strict rules to combat coronavirus

Mourners are advised not to kiss or hug at funerals as one of Britain’s biggest crematorium operators brings in strict rules to combat coronavirus after UK death toll reaches 108 Private crematorium operator introduced  distancing measures for funerals Said they would not be restricting the amount of mourners able to attend  Social distancing has been advised… Read More »