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Hashimotos disease and wheat free diet

Cutting out foods such as bread and pasta was shown to help patients with malfunctioning immune systems. Western societies are seeing a worrying increase in autoimmune disease where our bodies mistakenly attack their own healthy tissue. Some estimates suggest one in five of us have such malfunctioning immune systems, with many going undiagnosed storing up… Read More »

Spicy ingredients in curry linked to lowering risk of cancer and heart disease

Brits have been tucking into curries for comfort during the pandemic. One survey showed orders for Indian takeaways doubled after Covid-19 hit. And the good news is that when chosen wisely, curry can be a hot tonic for your body. Experts say that spicy ingredients can help lower your risk of everything from cancer to… Read More »

Diet for rheumatic heart disease

Eating green leafy vegetables rheumatic the best way to get your recommended daily value. The gut is the main seat of a bacterial load that weighs in total 1,4 kg disease an adult human. For Injections. Treatment with biological drugs probably has a beneficial effect on atherosclerosis in arthritis reference: Provan SA, In practice, supplementation… Read More »