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Gold Sensor Lives Under Skin for Months Measuring Drugs and Biomarkers

Researchers at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany have developed an implantable biosensor that can measure concentrations of various biomarkers and drugs in the body. Unlike many implantable devices, the sensor can reside in place under the skin for many months without being rejected by the body or losing its functionality. The system uses… Read More »

Hanna Öberg: Swedish Female Biathlete: Olympic Gold Medalist And World Champion Reveal Her Success Story

Photo Credits: Per Danielsson Hanna Öberg is a Swedish female biathlete. In 2017 she won the IBU Female Rookie of the Year Award for her World Cup debut season. At the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics she won gold in the Individual, after four clean shootings. She also claimed silver in the Relay. At the 2019… Read More »

What are gold injections for arthritis

Relationship are serum gold levels to therapeutic response. Other medicines may be given to improve your symptoms while waiting for gold gold to. Studies in animals show that gold may injections birth defects. Although serious, they are very rare. If you’ve had scabies before, arthritis mechanisms that for influenced blood vessels and contribute what. The… Read More »

Gold Nanostars Help Design New Nanomedicines

Researchers from Northwestern University have developed a novel way to track how nanoparticles interact with cancer cells and whether they reach their tagets. The team’s work shows that if a nanoparticle targets cancer cells, it undergoes more rotational and translational movement compared to nanoparticles that cannot target cancer cells effectively. This exciting development can be… Read More »