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Closures affected mental health of disadvantaged students

Students in socially disadvantaged areas say their mental health was negatively affected by school closures, with many reporting lower levels of well-being in 2020. A new survey found that four second-level pupils out of five felt their workload increased while studying at home, which led to increased stress. Students said a lack of interaction with… Read More »

Health passports, distancing tools among COVID-19 tech climbing Gartner Hype Cycle

Gartner research’s famous hype curve looks like a steep roller coaster leading to a launch pad. Beginning with the necessity-is-the-mother-of-innovation “Innovation Trigger,” it predictively tracks new technologies as they might evolve over the next years and decades: a long, slow climb the Peak of Inflated Expectations, then falling with a reality check into the Trough… Read More »

Rude health: A big wave

Aussie flu Recent advice from the World Health Organisation suggests the coronavirus pandemic will not hit seasonally like the influenza virus, but is a one-off wave of human illness. One only has to look at the two countries worst affected to see this pronouncement in action. America is in the middle of high summer. Brazil endures its pandemic in winter.… Read More »