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Medicine or candy? A deadly mistake in the age of coronavirus – KSAT San Antonio

Medicine or candy? Injury prevention specialists want you to always ask that question when storing and carrying the drugs and vitamins you take as part of your medical regimen. With families living in tight quarantine quarters for months now, medicine mix-ups are increasingly becoming a pediatric emergency room issue. The South Texas Poison Help Center’s… Read More »

What is diabetes medicine

Because researchers are still studying pancreatic islet transplantation, the procedure is only available to people enrolled in research studies. A person can manage type 2 diabetes with lifestyle measures, oral medication, injections, and also insulin if other treatments are not successful. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC also recommends the hepatitis B vaccination… Read More »

Key components of proteins are twisted to boost reactions useful to medicine – Science Daily

In proteins, amino acids are held together by amide bonds. These bonds are long-lived and are robust against changes in temperature, acidity or alkalinity. Certain medicines make use of reactions involving amide bonds, but the bonds are so strong they actually slow down reactions, impeding the effectiveness of the medicines. Researchers devised a way to… Read More »