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Google has collected millions of health records

Google and one of the nation’s largest health systems are reportedly working together to collect health information from millions of Americans without their knowledge. Google and St. Louis-based Ascension began collecting patient lab results, diagnoses, and hospitalization records last year as part of an initiative they coined “Project Nightingale,” the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.… Read More »

Google to Store and Analyze Millions of Health Records – The New York Times

In a sign of Google’s major ambitions in the health care industry, the search giant is working with the country’s second-largest hospital system to store and analyze the data of millions of patients in an effort to improve medical services, the two organizations announced on Monday. The partnership between Google and the medical system, Ascension,… Read More »

Disturbing video trend making millions

It’s content that preys on some of the world’s most vulnerable people — genuine cancer battlers. Across social media, video posts and private discussion threads claim the disease can be destroyed by ignoring medical advice and adopting a diet of compressed juices and raw foods instead. Other posts say injecting baking soda can do the… Read More »