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Raised by Wolves review: Stunning sci-fi set on a real exoplanet

HBO’s Raised by Wolves is an original and visually stunning science-fiction series set on a recently discovered exoplanet. It has echoes of Prometheus, Alien and Dune, says Emily Wilson Health 30 September 2020 By Emily Wilson Mother (Amanda Collin) is an android raising children on Kepler-22bCoco Van Oppens Raised by WolvesAaron GuzikowskiHBO Max This review… Read More »

The Real Cost of Being Fat

Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s most notable and notorious founding fathers, a real OG, famously said: “Remember that time is money.” Like so many things, he was right, but not for all the reasons he thought. In his essay, “Advice to Young Tradesmen,” he correctly states that if you take a half-day off, but… Read More »

Porn Star Renee Gracie XXX-Tra HOT Bikini Pictures Take Instagram by Storm! 10 Sexy Photos To Prove That The Curvy Bombshell’s Love For Tiny String Bikinis in Vibrant Colours Is Real

XXX pornstar, Renee Gracie is taking Instagram by storm and this time it is because of some of her bikini pictures that can make anyone drool. While Renee Gracie Nude Photos & Videos have been highly searched by fans ever since the ex-supercar racer announced that she will venture into the adult entertainment industry aka… Read More »

Post-COVID medical education must teach the real reasons for health disparities

Jason Hargrove, a 50-year-old Detroit bus driver, died from COVID-19 after being turned away from care multiple times while visibly cyanotic. Rana Zoe Mungin, a 30-year-old teacher in Brooklyn, was sent home several times until she was ill enough from the disease to require intubation and ventilation. She has since died. While there are many reasons… Read More »