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Spring gardens: time to get busy

Spring growth is well underway so don’t waste any time getting into your garden and start trimming, mulching and tidying. “Now is the perfect time to be fertilising and feeding your garden,” John Arnott, Manager of Horticulture, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, said. “Warmer and longer days promote active plant growth making spring the ultimate time… Read More »

Purified Water Vs Spring Water

Why not drink tap water? Although public tap water for human consumption is purified in the majority of Western countries, it’s estimated by the WHO that safe drinking water is inaccessible to more than 2.1 billion people.[1] And even though public drinking water has been purified to make it safe for consumption, it can still… Read More »

Spring training: Moving from couch to 5K

Need a little motivation and structure to ramp up your walking routine this spring? Want to wake up your workouts? Consider trying a couch-to-5K program. What is a couch-to-5K program? These free or low-cost coaching plans are designed to help would-be runners train for a 5-kilometer race, which is about 3.1 miles. The programs are… Read More »