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Appalachian State tells students to ‘remain vigilant’ after student dies from coronavirus complications

A student attending Appalachian State University died after developing complications from the coronavirus, university officials said.  Chad Dorrill was attending classes online and living off-campus in Boone, North Carolina, according to a statement Tuesday from Appalachian State University Chancellor Sheri Everts. The 19-year-old was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier in September and later experienced complications from… Read More »

Closures affected mental health of disadvantaged students

Students in socially disadvantaged areas say their mental health was negatively affected by school closures, with many reporting lower levels of well-being in 2020. A new survey found that four second-level pupils out of five felt their workload increased while studying at home, which led to increased stress. Students said a lack of interaction with… Read More »

The crisis of rotation availability during a pandemic: a medical student’s ethical conundrum

With COVID-19 still consistently creating setbacks in the health care community, we see yet another issue for medical students because of this pandemic. In prior years, the traditional medical student would be expected to be part of a team assisting medical professionals in the field, developing relationships with future mentors, and gaining the experience necessary… Read More »