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‘Other Covid-19 symptoms that must not be ignored – including diarrhoea’

As we all know, the classic symptoms of Covid-19 are a new continuous cough, fever and shortness of breath. These symptoms would qualify you for a swab test, but people all over the world have displayed other symptoms too, according to Pauline Vetter and colleagues from Geneva University, reporting in the BMJ. Quite often diarrhoea… Read More »

What is chlamydia and symptoms

Your health care provider what ask you to provide a urine sample or may use or ask you to use a cotton swab to get a sample from your vagina sym;toms test for chlamydia. They can chlamydia either a urine symptoms or a swab. Even when chlamydia causes no symptoms, it can damage your reproductive… Read More »

Dementia symptoms: Does your partner do this in their sleep? Major warning sign to spot

“These drugs won’t bring back memory and thinking, but they can boost what functions remain and help with behavioural problems and hallucinations,” notes the health body. In some people with hallucinations (when hallucinations are frightening or threaten safety, for example), additional treatment may be necessary, adds the health site. In addition to medicine, there are… Read More »