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Henry Cavill Dehydrates Himself for Shirtless ‘The Witcher’ Scenes

If Henry Cavill’s scenes in Netflix’s The Witcher are making you want to hit the gym, be cautioned that his chiseled physique isn’t exactly obtained via a healthy method. Cavill revealed on BBC’s The Graham Norton Show that he is dehydrated in every shirtless scene in the show, claiming the method “makes your skin really… Read More »

Viewpoints: Cutting Food Stipends Is Like Taking Away Medicine; Is 2019 The Year ‘The Shot Heard Round The World’ For Alzheimer’s?

Opinion writers weigh in on these health issues and others. Los Angeles Times: Trump Cuts Poverty Food Stipends Just Before Christmas  In a rare moment of bipartisanship, Congress rejected President Trump’s efforts on last year’s farm bill to impose new food stamp restrictions that would have cut benefits for more than a million needy people.… Read More »

That Heartbreaking Song From ‘The Politician’ Is Actually the Joni Mitchell Classic “River”

[Warning: spoilers for The Politician, ahead, as well as discussion of suicide] If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are right in the middle of the first episode of Ryan Murphy’s new Netflix series, The Politician, and are currently balling your eyes out. Obviously, you’re not alone. Anyone who’s seen Dear Evan Hansen starring… Read More »