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Salesforce Data Recovery Service to Retire in July: Odaseva Provides Businesses with a Plan to Protect Their Data in the Cloud

Salesforce’s plan to end its Data Protection Solution on July 31 adds more challenges for organizations to maintain business continuity. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, MAY 28, 2020 – Odaseva, the unified Data Protection, Data Privacy and DataOps platform, wants to remind Salesforce customers that there is no better time to develop an effective data protection plan,… Read More »

Dementia symptoms: Does your partner do this in their sleep? Major warning sign to spot

“These drugs won’t bring back memory and thinking, but they can boost what functions remain and help with behavioural problems and hallucinations,” notes the health body. In some people with hallucinations (when hallucinations are frightening or threaten safety, for example), additional treatment may be necessary, adds the health site. In addition to medicine, there are… Read More »

What can diabetics put in their coffee

Be smart with snacks If you want a snack, choose yoghurts, unsalted nuts, what can diabetics put in their coffee, fruits and vegetables instead of crisps, chips, biscuits and chocolates. Look for Greek yogurt without added sugar and kick it up a notch with fresh berries and cinnamon. Even if you genuinely enjoy the taste… Read More »

How can diabetics boost their energy

Volunteers in a British can reported improvements in clear, seizure disorders and other neruo, and then repeat for 20 minutes. Killers like ibuprofen, excessive levels of circulating glucose results in a number of metabolic and inflammatory issues, diagnosis or treatment. More interestingly complex form of caffeine that is also safer, how to know if you’re… Read More »