The Real Health Podcast: Paula Mee on the foods to eat to help deal with stress and anxiety

By | April 9, 2020

Nutrition and the food we eat is going to be so important over the coming weeks and months.

ating the right foods can help, not just with our overall health, but can also boost our immune system and deal with our gut reaction to stress and anxiety.

For this week’s Real Health I’m joined by dietitian and gut expert, Paula Mee, to find out what we should be eating and why.

Paula has brilliant tips and advice on the symptoms to look out for if our gut health is acting up as well as the foods to keep ourselves fit and healthy. And if your caffeine intake is higher than usual, Paula has information on that as well!

Ultimately, we should try and see the positive in all this, she says, and look to make meal times a special time, connecting, and understanding the importance of food.

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