Update your backyard for a holiday feel

By | April 25, 2020

Being outdoors is great for health but imagine stepping outside and feeling like you’re also going on holiday?

If you’re planning a backyard upgrade why not consider taking some inspiration from some of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations?

Leading Australian masonry product company Adbri Masonry suggests Japanese Zen or Balinese Villa.

Japanese Zen Garden: Having a place to disconnect and unwind is valuable for both your home and mental health.

A Zen garden creates a private retreat in your yard using a low-maintenance design that encourages relaxation through ambient water features, deep greenery and low maintenance plants, gravels, stepping-stones and feature rocks.

Keep your design simple and opt for a coloured stone as a base component.

Rocks of various shapes and sizes will add depth and different layers to the scene but avoid straight lines or symmetrical patterns.

Balinese Villa Garden: Think landscaped gardens with lush tropical natives, private plunge pools and paved communal areas for relaxation and dining.

Homeowners can turn their backyard into their own Bali inspired private oasis with a variety of elements from tropical plantation, water features, pools, ornaments and a Bali hut.

Greenery plays a major role in the Bali garden, so foliage and plenty of leafy plants are essential: try agave plants cordylines, crotons and frangipanis.

If you require new garden walls or planter boxes, consider the Natural Impressions Duostone wall blocks from Adbri Masonry.

The faces are pressed with a modern rock finish designed to replicate the appeal of natural stone.

For a Bali-inspired garden think lush plants, water features and ornaments.

For a Bali-inspired garden think lush plants, water features and ornaments.

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